Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bev with her children

Front center is Quentin, and then left to right... Lorin, Tashina, Bev, Trinnie and Ben.


Jonathan & Heather said...

Looking good! Hot hot family! :0)
Really nice picture of you and Tom at the top there. Looks like your kids are doing a dang good job of making you a grandma! I just saw that Tash and Kelli are both expecting again- dang! I don't know how those girls do it- 1 is killing me :0) But I do love the little guy- I just miss 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep :0) Anyways, now that I have found this blog I have another one to add to my list ! :0) Love ya. Heather

Tony & LaVerne said...

Heather sent me your link so I can keep up on your travels too! Your as beautiful as ever Bev and I agree with Heather, good looking family! I would love to get a nice family picture with all of mine and one of us with all of Tonys but they are spread out all over the country and we never seem to all get together at the same time. Nice to see what your up to.